1965 GT350 R Model


This 1965 GT350 R replica is an example of a very complete R-Model replica.  This car is not like most that are advertised as “Shelby Replicas” and have only a hood and side stripe.  This one has the features.    The car is set up as a R model replica but is still barely street legal.  This car can also be used for track fun.  I had the chance to run 1/8 mile drags and the car ran 8.88 and a top speed of 84.75 mph.  Not bad for 1/8.


Wimbledon White with Blue Lemans stripes, paint is in very good condition.  I have shown this car at indoor car shows and won 1st place several times.  Front valance is a fiberglass R-model.  Side windows and frames are the R model aluminum frames with plexiglass.  The rear window is the R model plexiglass unit that has the opening at the rear of the roof line.  Side vent windows are Shelby plexiglass.  Shelby functional rear brake scoops as well.  Fiberglass shelby hood with hood pins.  Trunk key lock is replaced with the R model stainless cover.  Gas cap is also covered with the R model stainless cover. Gas is filled by opening the trunk.  All exterior trim is excellent.


The interior replicates the R-Model with the following features.  R-Model shelby steering wheel.  Gauges are the flat panel with the R-Model gauges and idiot lights.  Glove box has been deleted.  Radio delete plate.  Heater, headliner and dash delete per R-specs.  Rear seat delete with Shelby package tray in its place.  Headliner has been deleted and the roof is painted black.  R-Model door panels are the flat alumium. Windows are raised and lowered via a strap as on the R model.  R-Model drivers seat is the original style racing seat and the passanger seat is a standard mustang seat.  3″ shelby seat belt holds the passanger while a 5 point harness is used for the driver.  The roll bar is very nice feature of this car as it is an 8 pointunit which ties into the front shock towers.  The quality of the installation is excellent and the bar that crosses the door is bent lower to easy entry.

Engine & Driveline

Engine is a 331ci which was stroked with a Probe kit with the base block being a 289ci.  The list of engine details are as follows.  Pistons are forged units from Probe, rods are Eagle H beam, Scat crank, ARP main studs and Probe Main Girdle, New high performance crank dampner, surfaced flywheel, rotating assembly fully balanced, main journals were line honed.  Heads are Windsor Jr Aluminum with SS Valves, heads have been extensivley ported and port matched to the Cobra aluminum intake manifold and held in place with ARP head studs.  Comp Cam High Tec roller rockers matched to the Comp Cam 280R Roller Cam Kit, ARP rocker arm studs and guide plates with hardend Comp Cam push rods.  Cobra Valve covers and K&N air filter.  Unilite electronic distributor, MSD coil and a MSD 6AL ingnition box.  Carburator is a Mighty Demon 750 double pumper.  Cobra extended height valve covers.

Transmission has been completely rebuilt with all new bearings, syncros, input shaft, seals and gaskets.  New Center Force Dual Friction Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate.  Changing gears is done with a Hurst Comp Plus shifter.

Rear end is a 9″ with 3:77 trac lock.


Wheels are the American Racing R model style with 225-60-15 Hoosier Street TD’s.  These tires are the ones that are used for vintage racing and are also DOT.  3″ long wheel studs are used along with the long Shelby style lug nuts.  The front suspension has been lowered 1″ per Shelby specs. Sway bar is 1″ with poly bushings, Shelby export brace with Shelby cowl support and Monte Carlo bar mounted between shock towers. Rear sway bar is a Stami adjustable bar.  Koniadjustable shocks keep everything under control.  Front disc brakes are 67 style with new rotors, bearings and seals.  Rear brakes are large 11 x 2 1/4 with new drums and shoes.  Dual style master cylinder with proportioning of the brakes are controlled by a Wilwood proportioning valve located next to the drivers seat inside the car.  Rear springs are mid eye 4 leafs and front springs are 620lbs.